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About the Instructor

Hayden Breese IV Dan

Hayden Breese began training in 1991 as a student of Grant Evans in Mosgiel, Dunedin.

After achieving a black belt in December 1996, Hayden joined the Army to train as an officer. While based in Palmerston North, Hayden ran the Massey Taekwon-Do club, New Zealands very first Taekwon-Do club opened by a pioneer of Taekwon-Do in New Zealand, Mr Norman Ng.

In 1999, after leaving the Army and returning to Dunedin, Hayden completed a strategic management review for the development of the national Taekwon-Do organisation, ITFNZ. The final document contained both research and analysis in addition to a plan for developing ITFNZ Taekwon-Do into the future.

That same year Hayden participated as a competitor at the National Championships and was awarded the Best Overall Black Belt title, Later that year he graded to his 2nd Degree in Nelson.

Upon moving to Auckland in 2000, in his role as ITFNZ Marketing Director, Hayden was responsible for establishing ITFNZ Awards, and developing as editor, the national magazine "TKD Talk" (now Taekwon-Do Talk) into a glossy A4 publication. That same year, Hayden was nominated for the president’s award for outstanding contribution to ITFNZ.

Bachalor of Business Studies
1st Class Honours in Management (Massey)
Master of Commerce in Marketing (Otago)
Coaching New Zealand Lvl 1 and 2
Current First Aid Certifcate
Current Instructors Certifcate


Hayden also played a key role in designing and developing the concept of ITFNZ's first ever Instructors Conference reluctantly handing over the management job before heading overseas to work and travel.

In 2001, Hayden trained and traveled with the New Zealand team as a supporter to the World Championships in Italy. On settling in New Zealand, Hayden resumed the role of Director of Marketing for the International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand and graded to his 3rd Degree in November 2003.

    from the left: Master Evan Davidson, Hayden Breese, Tim Meddlicott, Master Paul McPhail

In 2004 Hayden started Threshold Taekwon-Do. Threshold Taekwon-Do School has grown quickly to one of the South Island’s largest Taekwon-Do organisations.

Threshold started initially with adults only classes. The idea of sperate kids classes was trialled on 25th August 2005 and now consists of three kids classes per week. Now the School is home to over 50 students in active adults and kids classes.

    from the left: Tim Medlicott, Hayden Breese, perform model sparring at the 4th Degree grading in Palmerston North, February 2, 2007.

The School trains at a fully equipped full time facility in the city, one of the only few facilities of its kind in the country. On February 2nd 2007, Hayden completed and passed the grading test for 4th Degree Black Belt. in December of 2011, Hayden graded and was awarded a 5th Degree Black Belt. Also that year Hayden qualified as a regional examiner for International Taekwon-Do.