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South Island Championships Results 2009

Briar Nina Topp, Gold Sparring
Matthew Fallows, Gold Senior Mens Team Patterns, Best Overall Green Belt, Silver Sparring, Gold Patterns.
Sonny Lim, Gold Senior Mens Team Patterns
James Brown, Gold Sparring
Gena Salmon, Gold Sparring
Jayde Cohen, Gold Sparring
Alex Chambers, Bronze Sparring
Ben Fallows, Gold Sparring
Vincent Rozenberg, Silver Sparring
Silas Ryalls
Anna Fielding
Mathew Fielding

Thresholds youngest ever Red Belt

Briar Topp graded to the red belt on Saturday 15 November 2008, making her the youngest Threshold student to reach the grade of red belt. Father and son team, Walter and Josh Grills passed to their blue belts, along with trainer Anna Fielding.

2008 Students of the Year

Congratulations to Gena Salmon who was named Threshold senior student of the year. Well done Briar Topp who was named Threshold junior student of the year. More info...

Dunedin Mini Tournament a Success

Thank you to all the competitors who participated in the tournament held on Sat 13th December. Results:

Junior Patterns
1st Place: Ben Fallows
2nd Place: Jason

Junior Sparring Lightweight
1st Place: Jess Booth
2nd Place: Liam
3rd Place: Makayla

Junior Sparring Middleweight
1st Place: Alex
2nd Place: Ben
3rd Place: Vincent

Adult Sparring
1st Place: Mathew Fallows
2nd Place: Ana - Otago Uni
3rd Place: Josh

Adult Patterns
1st Place: Ana - Otago Uni
2nd Place: Josh
3rd Place: Ying Shi


Anna Fielding & Mark Perry 2007 Students of the year!

In the final combined training for the year Anna Fielding was awarded the 2007 student of the year. Anna has had a excellent year with Taekwon-Do, with success at gradings, and outstanding committment and involvement with the School. Mark Perry was awarded Junior student of the year. Mark attends extra classes each week and recently won the Threshold Junior Tournament.

New Taekwon-Do Social Website!

Threshold instructor, Hayden Breese has launched a new social website called Taekwon-Do.co.nz. The site is for Taekwon-Do people to mix, meet, network, share photos and stay in touch with friends...

School breaking competition continues

The records continue to mount up for Kup student breaking in the internal breaking competition. The following people hold club records...


Childrens Class Changes 1st November 07

To improve teaching quality and the availability of instructors we have scheduled several changes to class days, which will come into effect on the 1st November 2007.  

  • New children classes will now be held on Tuesday & Thursday at 4:45 pm-5:45 pm.

  • The children classes currently held on Monday and Wednesday will no longer be held.

  • No separate casual class will be held in its current form

  • The Friday class will remain unchanged

Changes to the casual class

We intend to conclude the casual class in its current form at the end of this month. Casual students will now be accepted into membership classes and may choose to train and pay casually as they do now or join the School as a member.

We trust that be integrating the casual class into other classes, students will have more stability, better access to role models, more instructors and a better training environment.

Please schedule a new class day

If these changes affect you, then you will need to register for a new training day. You can do this by notifying your instructor at class, phoning or sending us an email. We will be attempting an even spread of students over the three days so please register your interest quickly if you have a preferred day to avoid disappointment.


Demo Team Announced

Members of the Threshold Taekwon-Do demonstration team were announced recently. The team consists of:

Hayden Breese, Anna Fielding, Lucy Kent, Mathew Fallows, Colin Chin, James Brown, Philip Brown, Sophie Bang, Adam Clarke, Silus Ryalls, Seino Jongkees.

Threshold Taekwon-Do Makes Top Ten List

Threshold Taekwon-Do ranked in at 7th place in a nationwide list of over 70 ITFNZ Taekwon-Do schools.

The list ranks ITFNZ Taekwon-Do Schools by their number of registered members. Threshold Instructor Hayden Breese, was delighted with the result. "Threshold has doubled in size since last year, and we plan to do that again this year. We are one of the newest Schools in the country, having only opened in 2004. Our goal now is to get to the top of that list, and once we are there, to stay there."

Hot on the heals in Eighth place, is the Riccarton Taekwon-Do club from Christchurch.

Threshold Movie 07 releases on DVD

Dont miss out, get your copy of the 2007 Threshold movie on DVD! View the pre-release trailer in quicktime format..


Threshold Instructor grades to 4th Degree Black Belt

On Friday 2nd February Hayden Breese completed and passed the grading test for 4th Degree black belt.

The grading began at 3:00pm and ran through to around 8:00pm. Eight applicants in total from around New Zealand tested for senior promotions.

The grading which was held in Palmerston North was examined by leading Taekwon-Do practioners, Master Paul McPhail and Master Evan Davidson.

The 4th degree test is a special grading for applicants as it represents the culmination of years of training as a black belt and symbolizes a transition from the novice ranks to expert levels of black belt.

Special thanks goes to all students at Threshold Taekwon-Do School who have assisted me to reach the high fitness standard required for the grading,

Also big thanks to Tim Meddlicott who put in hours of hard work in preparation and performed well during the partner exercises at the grading.


Tim Meddlicott 2006 Student of the Year!

Tim was chosen as Student of the Year for 2006. A selection of Tims achievements in 2006 include the introdution of three new members to the School, regular assistance with the kids class, and the best overall white belt title at the regional championships.

Class Dates for 2007

Class Dates for both the Adults and Kids classes have been announced:
Adults: First Class: Monday 8th January 2007
Kids: Register for 2007
First Class: Friday 19th January 2007


Mirrors Installed

Threshold Taekwon-Do has been transformed with the installation of large mirrors. The mirrors will be a great asset to students wanting to fine tune their technique.

Grading Results

13 Threshold students attended a Kup grading held at Mosgiel on the 12th November 06. The examiner, Mr Andrew Salton was pleased with the results saying the students had performed well and a good standard had been achieved.

Master McPhail Seminar

The master is coming! Yes its true, Master McPhail will visit Dunedin for a seminar on the 10-11 November 06.

Topics include "how to become a leader through Taekwon-Do. The secrets to an A Pass Patern, and Grading preperation for up coming gradings. To register visit www.taekwon-do.co.nz

Paul McPhail is currently the Chief Examiner for the International Taekwon-Do Foundation of New Zealand (ITFNZ), as well as the Director for Techniques. He wrote the Grading and Techniques Syllabus which is in use throughout the Country. Dont miss this amazing opportunity.

August Grading Results

The grading held on the 17th August 06 turned up some surprise results.

Matt Siwerski and Chanel Taylor both received unrequested double gradings advancing them from 7 Kups to 5 Kups, or Green Blue Stipes. Congratulations to them both. Also of note was Simon Gray who received an A pass to Yellow belt.

This grading test is one of three gradings held at different times throughout the year and is conducted by an independent examiner. Master McPhail will conduct this mid round grading fresh from attending the Australian International Instructors Course on the Gold Coast.

Threshold had 19 members who tested at the Grading.

New Threshold Taekwon-Do Training Facility

On Saturday the 2nd of October Mr Banicevich (4th Degree) held a special seminar to mark the opening of the new Threshold Taekwon-Do Training Facility in Dunedin. The seminar was attended by students from all Dunedin Taekwon-Do clubs. Mark took an excellent seminar focusing on self defence. The instruction used basic principles to good effect with all students leaving with more confidence.

Rounthwaites Surprise Visit (17th July 06)

Master Rounthwaite and Mrs Rounthwaite (5th Degree) were surprise guests at Monday night training on the 17th July 06. Both showed extremely high levels of skill in instructing and technique. The class was dynamic, charismatic and delivered in the fun style that accompanies the Rounthwaites. Students from Dunedin, Otago University attended the special class. The Rounthwaites now continue on their tour of the South Island. We wish them all the best on their travels and hope they return again.

Mr Van de Mortal Seminar 2005

Mr Van de Mortal

The Sparring Seminar went well with students in attendance from all Dunedin clubs. My Van de Mortal taught a range of sparring drills and exercises used by the worlds top competitors. Threshold Highly recommends Mr Van de Mortal to any club who is interested in developing their sparring abilities.

Jake and Grant Evans Training

Saturday 4th February at 4:00pm, dont miss a training with Jake Pearson 4th Degree, and Grant Evans. All students welcome.

Adam Clarke Student of the Year 2005

Adam Clarke

The 2005 Threshold student of the year was awarded to Adam Clarke who had an amazing year in both Taekwon-Do achievement contribution to the club. Well done Adam!

Threshold Productions Present!

Filming commenced on the very first threshold martial arts movie. Starring members of the club, one training session was dedicated to filming footage for the movie. The footage was later edited and the 12 mins long martial arts short film comedy was unveiled at the last class for the year. Plans are in place to make the movie creation a annual event.



Threshold Childrens Tournament a Success

Mark Perry, 1st Sparring, 1st Patterns
Jason Loyd, 1st Sparring
Ambrose Lee, 1st Patterns

The goal of the event is to safely introduce tournament competitions to children in a fun way. Children may progress with experience to compete at more competitive tournaments such as the ITFNZ South Island Regional Tournament, the ITFNZ National Championships or the New Zealand Oceana Championships. Each first place competitor will receive a trophy and all participants will receive a certificate of participation. Competitor Entry Fee: $ 20 per person

Master Davidson Special Event January 2008

The Master Davidson special event is now rescheduled to Saturday 26th January 2008 to mark the start of the new Taekwon-Do year . All registered attendees will have their registration transferred to this new date. However, anyone who cannot make this new day please contact me directly to arrange a refund. Train with Master Evan Davidson, self defence expert, president of ITFNZ and pioneer of Taekwon-Do in the South Island.

Threshold Kids Class

The official kids class will start on Friday 23rd September.

Pictured above, Top Row: Conner, Hayden, Sam, Sam. Bottom Row: Anton, Josh, Christian

The trial of the kids class started on Friday the 25th August. In attendance were five new students who participated in balance and strength exercises, focus and discipline technigues, learning basic kicks and leadership training.

There are still five places left for the class and enrolments are still being taken. If your kid is five years or older contact us for more information. Dont miss this great opportunity..

Moana Pool Training very Wet

The Moana pool training was a wet night out indeed. Training began in the pool with a series of exercises and technigues. Some students progressed to Hydroslide training while others preferred the wave pool for relaxation training. One instructor who shall remain nameless attempted the dive pool and discovered that head first is better than belly first. Next day out is Ice Training

Threshold launches Friday night special Training Class

Are you looking for extra training on a specific Taekwon-Do topic. If so this class could be for you. Second Degree Instructor, Mr Adam Siwerski executes a well planned class on Friday night covering topics such as special technique, self defence, weapons and much more.

Uniforms have arrived

Threshold monogramed uniforms are back and they look great. It will be fantastic to have the club badge on everyone's arm.

Martial Arts First Aid Course, 30th July

A first aid course was held in Dunedin on the Saturday 30th July especially for Taekwon-Do clubs. First Aid certifacates have arrived. Those who attended please contact us to arrange for the receipt of your certifacate.

Wedding Bells as Andrew pops the question

Threshold members to be married! Above Andrew Sullivan pops the big question to Amber Moffat. Congratulations to you both from behalf of all the club. The two will be married late 2006.

Grant Evans Seminar - July 22nd

Grant Evans, now residing in Christchurch will be at Threshold Taekwon-Do for a training seminar on Saturday 22nd July. The seminar will be in two parts. The first at 10:30am - 12:00pm and the second 1:30pm to 3:00pm. All are welcome. Grant Evans is a mythical figure in South Island Taekwon-Do and is now only weeks away from sitting his degree test for 4th Dan. Share in his training as he prepares for the big event.


A competitive group descended upon Laser Strike in the weekend of the 23rd September.

The teamwork of Daniel and Shar placed them as a force to be reckoned with. Even Mr Breese, with two years of Army training did not have the laser skills to compete with these two experts. Although it might have helped if he had turned his laser gun on. Mr Breese has been quoted as saying "ill be back".

Term Times

Threshold operates a term schedule aligned as much as possible to the School term.

The term one class for 2006 started on the 20th January and finishes on the 7th April 06. Final class for term two is the 18th August 2006. Term Three began on Friday the 01-09-06 and ends on the 15th December 2006..

Master Seminar Success Friday - 10 Nov 06

Around thirty students attended an outstanding seminar by leading Taekwon-Do exponent Master McPhail. The seminar focused on improvement of technique and performance for grading. In addition black belt holders received invaluable feedback and coaching assistance leading up to their gradings to be held in December and February.

Highest Ever Grading Results- 31st March 07

Threshold Taekwon-Do achieved its highest adults class grading results ever with 10 A passes out of 13 students, at the recent grading held in Dunedin. 19 students graded from the kids class in the morning, also achieving good results.

Silus Ryalls and Seino Jongkees achieved A passes to Black Stripe and look good to prepare for the Black Belt grading at the end of the year.

Briar Topp, Michael Evans, Ursula and Anton Standring Bellugue, and Conner Blackie became Threshold's first ever green belt members of the kids class.



Threshold Applicants Pass Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to Senior Black Belt Applicants, Silus Ryalls and Seino Jongkees who passed their Black Belt grading test held in Nelson over the weekend of the 24th November.

Medals at the South Island Regional Championships 2008

Threshold students competed at the South Island Regional Taekwon-Do Championships in Blenheim in the weekend of the 10-11 May 08.

Mathew got two golds for sparring and patterns; Sophie received a gold in patterns; Anna a silver in sparring; Gena a silver for patterns; James a bronze in sparring; and Silus managed to survive the extremely competitive black belt sparring division.

South Island Regional May 2008

Training Weekend (aka Pain weekend)

Senior Black Belt Applicants, Silus Ryalls and Seino Jongkees participate in the traditional training weekend prior to sitting their Black Belt grading test on the 24th November 2007.


Special Jake Pearson & Daniel Kerr Training

The 7th of September was a special night of training with 4th Degree and Dunedin Taekwon-Do icon Jake Pearson and Professional Fighter, Dunedin Taekwon-Do Icon, Daniel Kerr taking training. The class enjoyed advice about elbows from Mr Kerr and Patterns and turning kicks from Mr Pearson. Great people, and a great class. Thankyou to the special quest instructors.

Combined Mosgiel and Threshold Training

Threshold Students had a great night sharing a training with Mosgiel Taekwon-Do club at the Mosgiel Dojang. Pictured below from the left are Theresa Allen (Mosgiel), Hayden Breese (Threshold), Mark Allan (Mosgiel), and Eddie (Otago Uni Club)

Junior Class Registrations

Threshold has started a junior development programme and are now taking registrations If you would like to register your child for the Junior Programme pleaser email us your name and contact details. There are only five places left in the class so get in quick.

New Dojang at 169 High St

Polar Plunge

A select few took to the icy waters of St Clair Dunedin participating in the winter polar plunge. Arrggg.

Double Grading to Yellow Belt!

Well done! Mathew Siwerski received a double grading from White to Yellow belt at the last grading held in November 2005.

Left: Mathew Siwerski


Chanel Taylor Double Grading

Chanel Taylor received a double grading from White to Yellow belt.

This result represents the hard work both Chanel and Mathew have both put in with extra classes and above average commitment to their training.
Right: Chanel Taylor


Grant Evans Grades to 4th Degree

Grant Evans, now residing in Christchurch graded to 4th Degree Black Belt at the recent International Instructors Course in Palmerston North. Threshold would like to offer our congratulations to Grant for his success.

Threshold Members win medals at National Championships

Mathew Siwerski and Chanel Taylor represented the South Island region at this years national championships held in Wellington recently.

Mathew got a Gold in Sparring and a silver in patterns, while Chanel also performed well with places in Sparring and Patterns.

South Island National Squad

Team trainings for the South Island Taekwon-Do team begin this Saturday at 10:30-12:30 at Clubs and Societies building, University of Otago. Threshold Applicants should see their instructor to register their interest for the team.

Threshold Wins Medals at South Island Regional Tournament

On the weekend of the 4th and 5th May, Threshold competitors competed in sparring, and patterns events at the annual South Island regional tournament. This year the event was held in Christchurch and attended by eigth clubs from throughout the South Island. This year Threshold took a small team of thirteen. This was the first tournament experience for the majority of the team.

Lucy Kent

Top performances included the best overall white belt title, for Lucy Kent, with a gold in patterns and bronze in sparring. Christian Blackie also received a gold in sparring. More results to follow shortly.



New Positions Announced

Threshold recently appointed several members to key positions in the School. These new positions consisted of teaching, events and clothing development roles. meet the team...

New Leadership Development Programme

A programme to develop tommorrows leaders. Learn how to become an effective instructor. Applications are now being accepted for limited positions more...




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