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Frequently Asked Questions


What preparation do I need to do for grading?
There are three gradings held throughout the year. You will need to be proficient with the techniques and patterns outlined in the ITFNZ syllabus handbook at your belt level. You will also be tested on your theory by the instructor, one or two weeks out from the grading. Several weeks before the grading the instructor will hold a pre-grading, where you will be tested and assessed on your readiness for grading. After this pre-grading you will be advised whether you have the approval of the instructor to grade or not.

Adult Class

I want to try Taekwon-Do, when should I come
The Monday and Wednesday classes have beginning students. So you can turn up to participate on one of these nights.

Kids Class

I have a child who would like to try Taekwon-Do, what day and time should they come?
Beginners are welcome to attend any of the childrens class times. Class times and days are located in the right hand column of the home page.

What age range do you teach at the Kids School
We teach kids between the ages of 5 yrs to 12 yrs. However, depending on maturity some children may be excepted for the kids class outside of this range and will be considered on a case by case basis.

How do you become a member of the School?
Once your child has developed a reasonable level of mental and physical competancy in Taekwon-Do they will be invited to join the School.

What are the benefits of joining Threshold Taekwon-Do?
1. Threshold Taekwon-Do kids classes are designed especially for children.
2. The teaching methods and terminology is spoken in a language that kids can understand.
3. Classes are shorter in length to maintain energy, interest and focus.
4. Children can practice Taekwon-Do with others of similar size and age versus the physical demands of training with adults.
5. The classes are managed by a Fourth Degree Black Belt.
6. Threshold facilities include a full time facility with mirrors, and mats for safety.

How do I find the School?
Threshold Taekwon-Do is located at 169 High St, Dunedin on the second floor. This is in the city area, roughly across the road from the warehouse in a blue multi story building with Mcgrath written on the front.